Cruises to Auckland

Going on a cruise is a kind of adventure most people only go on once in their lives. When you’re on a cruise, you are going to experience many exotic destinations and countries, learn about new cultures, meet like-minded travellers, and enjoy new cuisines. If a cruise is something that you’ve been thinking of but don’t know where to begin, we’re going to look at a few of the options on offer right now:

Crystal Cruises Asia Pacific Adventure (Crystal Symphony)

This cruise originates in Auckland and goes till Los Angeles. It’s an unforgettable adventure on the Pacific Rim. Guests on this huge 1,011 guest ship get to go through 43 ports over a period of 98 days with multiple stays in places like Auckland, Tauranga, Sydney, Bali, Singapore, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Kobe, and more. There is some stunning natural beauty for you to enjoy on this cruise and you will also get your dose of ancient history and spiritual cultures as well.

Princess World Cruise (Pacific Princess)

This cruise will take you from Ft. Lauderdale in Florida to Venice in Italy. The cruise lasts 107 days and covers more than 40 destinations on its way including various attractions from around the world like the Easter Island, the Sydney Opera House, and the Taj Mahal. Some of the highlights of the cruise include Hong Kong, Lima, and Dubai.

Silversea Ancient Cultures & Exotic Wonders World Cruise (Silver Whisper)

Here, you get to travel from Los Angeles to Ft. Lauderdale while circumnavigating the world. The journey lasts 115 days and takes you through New Zealand, the South Pacific, and South East Asia. You will even spend three weeks cruising through the remote west coast of Africa and Australia immersed in some far-flung cultures as well as astonishing wonders of these lands which are rarely ever visited.

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